Brooklyn Lax Gear for Salt Shakerz Tournament


Ever since the late-90’s, it seems that any new business/enterprise based in the borough of Brooklyn has the name “Brooklyn” in it.  Check out: “Brooklyn: The Borough Behind a Brand.”  All I know is that back in 2005 when Brooklyn Lax was founded, it was founded in the borough and made up of mostly Midwood High School graduates (alma-mater of famous Brooklyn celebs; Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand and Woody Allen).  It was the second post-collegiate club team that hailed from NYC.

Defending champions of the inaugural Salt Shakerz Tournament last year, Brooklyn Lacrosse Club returns to compete, once again.  Outfitted by the Power-Tek Performance Gear company, Brooklyn Lacrosse will be wearing “Retro-Tees” – a performance material that has a cotton feel to it.  Some of the BEST product out there.  Graphic artwork was done by The Art of Lax™/The Art of Athletes™ and this time the direction was to have a combination of minimalist design, a play of words and symbolic imagery.

Designing on the computer...
The digital proof from Power-Tek Performance Gear...
The goods... front side.
Back side... number, Power-Tek & The Art of Athletes™ logos...

Will Brooklyn Lax repeat in 2012?

Under the new leadership of Matt Ossola (Marist) and Mike Poch (SUNY-Stony Brook) they surprised the American Lacrosse League just this past spring.  I know they have quite a roster of talent for this years Salt Shakerz event… and they’re NOT telling me.  As a founder and charter member, that is NOT cool!

Find the guys in green this weekend at Randalls Island.


Champions of the 2011 SSZ Tournament