Creating Mr. & Mrs. Mark Buckley

0 - Published September 30, 2013 by in Art, Business, Development, Hard Work, Lacrosse, Leadership

One of my most highlighted projects during the summer was started by a simple “tweet” followed by an email, last year.  The customer, who hailed from the United Kingdom, informed me of his upcoming wedding and a thought for a wedding present.  The format was to look down the aisle, as if you (the viewer), were an attendee of the ceremony.  As you can see, it’s obviously a “lacrosse couple” and that just made the process in executing the piece much more exciting!  I was told of their being in “uniform” and I had to have them in their “lacrosse-stance”, that is so ever-present, today.  Below, are the progression pics taken while executing the piece:






Mr. & Mrs. Mark Buckley

14×17 inches.

Pen & ink on bristol board.



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