Creating “The Shooter-2”


With the rare downtime I have when not doing custom orders with hard deadlines or business development projects, I try to conceptualize my next addition to the portfolio.  I remember looking at one in particular, titled “The Shooter” and decided to do a “second” version for 2013.

"The Shooter"
“The Shooter”

I noticed that the this piece, among other “Shooter-style” pieces, show a player “shooting” and I needed to change it, somehow.  So why not a player having just shot?… or the “follow-through” of a shot?… and title it… “The Shooter 2”.

The following are the progression pics:

Graphite stage.
Graphite stage.
Rendering/Filling in.
Final inking.
Signed to finish.
Signed to finish.

While making this piece, a client/organization called up and was interested in a piece.  With my pen down on the table and my phone against my ear, I was looking at the newly done piece in front of me.

But that is another story to come!

The Shooter 2-FB

“The Shooter 2”

8.5×12 inches. Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

Now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™.

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