Lax Tats–“Got Gear?”


Back in 2009, my first international custom order was for a person located in Melbourne, Australia.  Just like the infamous “Dive” invented by Doug Knight of UVA, it was to be like that but a bit different.  He wanted a piece that depicted him “going in the air, across the crease, faking high and dunking the ball in-between the goalie’s legs…”  He said that the piece was to be framed and hung above his bar-area in his home.  He also said that he was going to get that image done on his leg as a tattoo!

Alan Lewer, of Melbourne, Australia--on paper & on skin!

Ever since that request, a number of inquiries and requests for tattoo art have lined up.  Just as of recent, a fan got in touch with me on Facebook regarding his friend wanting to take an existing piece, called “Gear” (which was one of the first designs to go on a t-shirt back in the fall of 2009) but this time get a tattoo of it on his rib cage.

“Gear” as a drawing/print:

"Gear" in the normal drawing/image form.

“Gear” screened onto a shirt back in 2009, that’s on SALE, btw…

"Gear" made into apparel form.

Here’s the shot of the finished product sent from the fan(s).  Wow!

"Gear" tattoo

It’s amazing to see what customers have in mind for the art to be on other forms besides reproduction print and apparel.  Maybe, i’ll think up of turning a few of them into temporary tattoos?

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