Memory Lane for Memorial Day


Yesterday, I was organizing (more like cleaning up) my storage area.  The feeling reminded me of an episode of “American Pickers” on the History Channel – searching and finding items, long and lost.  Tucked in a corner, inside a black, metal case were a bunch of original paintings done during my time in art school (Pratt Institute 1996-2000).  Among the bunch, were my original paintings of my senior thesis titled, “Lacrosse: An Experience in Through History”.  Those paintings, unbeknownst back then, were the charter group and foundation of what is now The Art of Lax™.

The following pics were taken from my blackberry camera (I know time to upgrade!):

The find...
Lax in the 1800's...
Lax in the 1960's titled "In the huddle"...
Goalie portrait-abstract/exaggerated style...
Lax in the present day... using the '98 World Games as a theme!

…and while it wasn’t in the pile of paintings “The Creator’s” was the first painting done in the series!  “The Creator’s” is the ONLY framed painting from these originals.

"The Creators" the FIRST of them all!

It was a good find and interesting trip down memory lane.  I could not have predicted The Art of Lax™ back then!

My storage area post-clean up. Art supplies and Lax sticks!!!

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While we are on the topic of Memorial Day.  Aside, from the lacrosse art, I also did a series of paintings involving the American G.I. in World War II as part of my senior thesis:

The Ardennes
G.I. Medics
G.I.'s unloading
G.I. w/ civilians

These and among others can be found at