Old School: STX Turbo with Ulman Lacrosse pocket


Ever since my move to the ‘burbs from NYC in early-September, the transition has/had, their positives and negatives.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges – the list can go on and on.  So I will spare that endless rant on that topic for another time!

On Saturday night, my wife and I went across the street to a neighbor’s house for drinks and dinner.  The husband and I, we found, had a lot of things in common.  We are both die-hard NY Rangers fans, love to cook, attended boarding schools in New England and the most exciting common trait – is that we both have played/play the sport of lacrosse!  When that topic came up, we stopped talking about our professional/work lives, and how we have raised both of our kids at this point, etc., etc. – and just started talking about LAX!  Ever since I became a parent, LAX is one thing that has lessened in my life, thus far.  As the lacrosse “war stories” came rolling on, he told me to wait and he ran down into his basement.  Upon his return, he held in his hand a dyed STX Turbo lacrosse stick, with the town Pelham dyed on the lip, strung in a mesh “Ulman” pocket and fixed on a white, aluminum shaft.  The pocket was a bit shallow – due to a quick feed and/or release.  And unlike today, the head was not off-set – it was a straight level.  With no “U-channels” or “Power-V pockets” in his stick, I was reminded to a much more difficult time.  Honestly, I’m glad to see the new stick/pocket rules in today’s game.

I clearly remember the “Ulman Sporting Goods Company” back in my days of playing (i.e. the 1990’s).  They had a specific style of running nylon strings vertically in the mesh, creating a tracking system of some sort.  Those tracking-nylons were “fastened” with a plastic covering, that protected it from wear and tear.  This was pretty new considering the top string of the mesh pockets, back then, was leather.  The interesting thing was that during my time spent at the Johns Hopkins Blue Jay Lacrosse Camp in the summer of ’93, one of my teammates was Clay Ulman, whose father, Jim, owned the Ulman Sporting Goods Company.  Having his son on my team meant free, random equipment items and a team pizza party at the Ulman store.

Seeing the STX Turbo again, made me realize how much I have missed playing the sport on a regular basis.  On the way back to our house that night, my wife suggested that I highly consider getting back to playing come spring time!

Win! Win!

STX Turbo. Ulman mesh stringing.

The product in focus.

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