Pencil Logo Development


The whole point of starting a business is to create a customer.  In order for businesses to stand out among their competitors, they each display unique standards to attract their growth of customers from a certain audience.  Aside from their business models, such forms of graphic identity and branding have been common, yet highly effective ways to get their respective enterprises noticed.  In fact, every business should have at least one.

“Less is AWAYS MORE.”

As a commercial/graphic artist my style is clean, simple and right to the point. A minimalist, if one must say. I have a “less is more” approach and direction in life, add in some “fillers just to bulk it up” and you may risk losing the main purpose or focus in general.

The hand and the artistic tool.

As artists tend to do, they have a day dreaming habit, and during one of these times an idea came to me for a new graphic identity for The Art of Lax™.  Aside from staring at the piece of drawing paper doing my artwork, I also stare at the tool(s) held in my hand – the pencil and/or pen. I realized that, that was it!  Besides from a minimalist look, I also like to involve symbolism or symbolic imagery.  Now the question is/are how to use it?

The following images and concept ideas were done on the Adobe Illustrator program.