Quick Thought – The Road is Long.



Take a look at this pic, above.

It happened in 1992. Princeton just won the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship. In this picture you will find three (3) very high-profile names in lacrosse. All captured in one moment. 

Those figures are (from left to right):

Scott Bacigalupo (goalie). One of my lacrosse idols growing up. He’s the reason why I wear sweatpants in goal! Scott graduated in ’94, went right to the workforce in Wall Street and is now a Managing Director in Merrill Lynch/Bank of America.

David Morrow (defenseman). Developed the first titanium shaft during his college career. Founder of Warrior Sports and co-founder of the MLL (Major League Lacrosse).

Trevor Tierney (ball boy). Trevor became an outstanding goaltender for Princeton and graduated in ’01. He’s the ONLY goalie to have won an NCAA Lacrosse, MLL and an ILF World Games Championship.

You never know how things can come full circle or relate to the people, or strangers, you will meet.

The road is long. Travel well.