Revisiting with former Harvard Lax standout & Hollywood producer, Chris Moore

Posing with Chris Moore at the 2011 CityLax Shootout.

Last summer, I attended the CityLax Shootout in Southampton, Long Island – a one-day lacrosse tournament to benefit the CityLax program.  It was the last time I competitively stood in front of the 6′ x 6′ cage (I do kind of miss it!).  But besides from playing lacrosse and catching up with some NYC-based lax buddies, I got the chance to do a LaxAllStars interview with former Harvard Lacrosse standout, and highly accomplished Hollywood producer (and my brother-in-law), Chris Moore.  Chris talked about his lacrosse career at Harvard, the transferable skills and lessons from the game and his newest piece of work, scheduled to open nationwide today, “American Reunion”.

I’ll admit it.  I still remember seeing the trailer back in 1999 and seeing a glimpse of a regular Cascade helmet, thus prompting me to see the first American Pie.  And while it’s not high-school, this June will be my 20th year (!!) since graduating from 8th grade and I’m highly debating on attending the grade school reunion.

Here’s the interview vid with Chris Moore, from the Citylax Shootout:

The full write-up from the event itself:

The Original “American Pie”:

As a working professional and proud parent for almost 6-months, I can FOR SURE relate to the “American Reunion” trailer, below.

The OFFICIAL TRAILER for “American Reunion”: