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Putting on the colors.

0 - Published January 27, 2016 by in Art

Before 2015 came to a close, one of my projects that was a customer’s Christmas present, required me to use a mixed-media of pen & ink and watercolor.  It’s been a while since I did something in color, or a wet medium to be exact.  It’s good to get those projects as a reminder that […]

Picture 1

Artist & Athlete – The Art of Lax™ commercial

0 - Published July 22, 2011 by in Art, Business, Development, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Lacrosse

In my job of advertising and being creative, I’ve learned that the best ads are not the ones with the best artistic/design elements, rather the ones that best COMMUNICATE.  Such great advertisements, to me, are found in the form of television commercials. Upon reading a recent post on about the 2011 Lake Tahoe Tournament […]

Looking EAST-making the stride to ASIA.

2 - Published May 9, 2011 by in Uncategorized

My flight is booked and my equipment will be carefully selected as to making the trip to Thailand on May 31st for the “Grow the Game” event in Bangkok on June 4th. Prior to all this was getting the chance to piece together and design the promotional card for our host, Thailand Lacrosse. Discussing with […]

Everything Counts

1 - Published November 16, 2010 by in Art, Business, Childhood, Entrepreneurship, Lacrosse, Leadership, Risk

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.  Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” -Colin Powell (former Secretary of State) One of my lacrosse coaches in boarding school was a man named David Reece, who has most definitely, taught me the importance […]

Creating “The Stare Down”

0 - Published November 10, 2010 by in Art, Childhood, Lacrosse

I was looking at the “drawings section” of the website, in particular – the goalies.  I noticed the contents displayed had them; starting a game, stopping a shot, clearing the ball, looking relaxed, etc.  What was missing was a piece displaying a typical goalie defending the cage.  So I came up with “The Stare Down” […]

The Triumvirate

1 - Published October 29, 2010 by in Art, Childhood, Lacrosse

Caesar, Crassus & Pompeius. The political alliance of the Roman Republic. I had to refer to my 7th grade ancient history class (a favorite subject of mine) for the word and title – Triumvirate.  Wikipedia’s definition can be found here. (Yes, that’s me in 7th grade – top row, 2nd from left.  1991.  The St. […]

Creating the Knighthawks

1 - Published October 25, 2010 by in Art, Business, Lacrosse

“I’m glad to have given you the challenge.” – Jules (Oshweken, ONT-Canada) That was the response from my client when I mentioned that her custom piece, titled: “The Knighthawks” (below) was one of the most challenging projects to date (click image to enlarge). “What made it so challenging?” she asked. Aside from doing it simultaneously […]

Hellooooo LADIES!

1 - Published October 18, 2010 by in Uncategorized

I’ve been staying up late and working on some ladies recently. Wait, forget that line! I’ve been working late (a bit past midnight), drawing some female lacrosse players to be exact.  A few emails and a Twitter Direct Message or “DM” prompted my decision to take action. “Do you plan to make more girls art […]

“It’s supposed to be HARD!”

1 - Published October 11, 2010 by in Uncategorized

For the past few months (since the beginning of summer) I’ve been amassing the ongoing requests for custom lacrosse art from people all over.  They email a pic of what it is that they want to be artistically reproduced along with the specific requirements which will make the piece “special” to [them] – the customer.  […]