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Going Old School

Goin’ Ol’ Skool!

4 - Published July 12, 2011 by in Art, Childhood, Featured, Inspiration, Lacrosse

My recent piece and blog post: “The making of Ol’ Skool” reminded me of a situation a few years ago to revisit and revive the days when shafts were either aluminum or wood, heads were not offset and REAL stringing was “traditional”.  Having such things today and going against the current trends sets the definition […]

The making of Ol’ Skool.

6 - Published July 1, 2011 by in Art, Inspiration, Lacrosse

(Vinnie Ricasio, The Art of Lax™ 1996. The South Kent School, CT) DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN… Remember when the helmets had tie-offs at the back to properly fit and the helmet panels/sticker were almost the size of playing cards? Remember when you added that “extra” foam chin pad for intimidation purposes, but had no idea […]