The “A-HA” Moment…


“There is no better high than discovery.” – E.O. Wilson

One year ago, this week, was one of those “A-ha” moments in the biz.  I was searching for a “creative boost”.  It was Election Day and I was riding the NYC subway system on the way to cast my vote for President.  The train was relatively empty so it was one of those rare moments I sat down.  Sitting across from me were a row of strangers with their heads down, focused on their smartphones.  One of them had a smartphone case with a contrasting color, making it stand out.  And there it was, right in front of me – the device, or product, that would aid in taking my business to another level.  I observed, studied, took note and even sketched the idea on a receipt found in my pocket.

To be VERY honest, at that moment and pretty much the rest of that day, I didn’t care who would become President of the United States.  Looking back, a new chapter, mission and goal for my business was clearly set.

You never know when an idea will come.  You never know where it will take you, too.



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Speaking of those “A-ha” moments.  One of the things from the 80’s, that inspired me to put motion in my drawings.