The iPhone Case: The Backstory


“Hindsight is 20/20”.

I like looking back at the process of things.  I promised that I would follow-up with a complete write-up on how the iPhone cases came to mind.  Well, here it goes.

Goals are created.  Goals are also “creative”.

Summer was slow.  It’s always slow.  Vacation trips, among other things took me aside.  Creatively, I was able to execute the highly popular, “The Perfect Form” (Series), as that was a goal in mind… or created, as said in the quote, above.

“The Perfect Form” (Series).  Get it, here.

Making the Goal.

Once the Fall Season came, I was poised with a number of new images, but I just wasn’t satisfied with new art, alone. I mean, the material was the same – paper/pen & ink, etc., and regardless of a new piece, it was the same product, manifestly.  Was it a new apparel product, maybe?  I decided to make the goal of finding a new product, something, whatever it may be, which would ramp things up.  But what was it going to be?  That was on October 1, 2012.

The “Eureka” moment.

Nov. 6, 2012.  Election Day.  New York City.

I was riding the subway on my way to vote.  The train was pretty empty and I did something that I rarely do while riding the subway – I sat down.  Across from me were 7 riders, all seated on the bench.  1 was reading a newspaper. 1 was reading a traditional bound book.  The other 5 riders had their heads down, focused on their “smart phones” in hand.  1 was texting or emailing.  1 was reading. 1 was watching a movie with headphones.  1 had to be playing a video game, due to constant hand movement.  1 was listening to music, due to “head-bopping”.  All had iPhones with covers, or cases in a solid color.  But one of them had a case with an abstract, printed design, making it stand out from the rest.

And there it was!  Right there across from me.  I kept on observing.  I even wrote down notes and made a simple sketch on a post office receipt that I had in my pocket.  As the train pulled up to a station to pick up new passengers, I observed the habit of them pulling out their smart phones to do “their thing”.  I realized that in todays world there are three (3) things you need to have with you the moment to step out of your door; your wallet, your keys and your mobile phone.  And think of it, most of the time, my phone is always within an arms reach, wherever I may go.  I think that is VERY COMMON.

The “notes” taken on the subway on the back of a receipt.

The Launch.

I did my research online.  I found a place that I can outsource to; hosting, fulfilling/shipping, tracking the earnings, etc.  I was very excited.  I leaked the jpeg image of the new product in mind on Instagram.  Soon enough, it was being requested, and bought!  That was on Dec. 26th 2012.  To this day, it has been the most popular product the art has been on.

Lesson Learned.

Every business, or every person, wants to avoid a set-back.  It’s just human nature.  But I don’t think I experienced a set-back at all, rather a personal challenge set for myself.  But whatever it may be classified as, my point is, if we didn’t have any set-backs in life, we wouldn’t be given the opportunity to re-invent ourselves.  As for goals, they are hard to list down, because I couldn’t think up of this 3, maybe 4 years ago.  Goals are a constant search.  They are hidden amongst challenges.  They are tweaked, re-vamped and re-visited.  They are frustrating.  Goals, just like ideas, come as random and quickly like lightening and thunder.

They also take time.



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