The Making of Drop the Hammer.


Drop the Hammer: To “legislate”. To crack down on a certain violation or injustice. (

I wanted to get a dramatic piece in by Thanksgiving, but definitely by the Holidays, at the latest.  I was thinking of a defensive piece and I had one in mind from my personal list.  Soon enough, a client got in touch with me and asked for a custom art piece he had in mind which had a defensive-theme.  I described to him about my piece which was “in the works”.  The timing could not have been any more perfect.

Originally, I was going to title the new piece, “Over the Head” but while I was slowly creating it, my mind kept on fluctuating.  Because I had a client already bidding on the new piece, I wanted to be extremely careful in the production.

Below are progression pics:

Gotta’ have fun while working!
Studio scene… Shout out to LaxAllStars!

“Over the Head” is a common term.  And looking at the progress, I felt that this could be interpreted more than just “over the head” – maybe, “over aggressive”, a “hold” or “hit from behind”.  That’s when “drop the hammer” came into mind.

The finished product:

 “Drop the Hammer”

8.5×12 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

Now available at: The Art of Lax™.

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