The Making of Lo-to-Hi


There are a lot of times where I get inquiries from groups and companies to help art direct their brand identity.  So when a start-up camp located in the Tri-State area got a hold of me to commence a piece for them, it was based on one of the most difficult shots to read as a goalie – an elevator shot.  Or, otherwise known as, a ‘low-to-high‘.  Ugh!

We agreed that the best way to depict it is to see it as if the viewer was the goalie.  The figure pose would be a follow-through with the stick having gone through and the ball, or shot, rising up towards the viewer.  As a goalie, I had my fair amount of these, so finding a reference piece really wasn’t needed.  Below, are the development pics of the project:

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The company and I agreed that The Art of Lax™ would retain a certain amount of reproduction rights, in a different version from the company, so that I could add it to the portfolio for sale in reproduced forms.  Finished piece, below.



8×12 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

Now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™

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