The Making of Over the Top


My newest piece this fall came from an outside source.  There have been times when random people drop suggestions from the multiple social media platforms that The Art of Lax™ is on.  Listen to them.  Sometimes, I believe that your fans and/or customers have the bigger brain that you, the business owner.

I believe it was back in May when I asked my followers on Twitter for ideas in regards to a new piece.  I was not in a loss for subject matter, rather wanted to “open it up”, sort-of-speak.  Soon enough, a lot of great suggestions were “re-tweeted” or “RT’ed” that were complied into a list.

The one that I was fixated on was the tweet, “How about a jump-shot?”

The following are work in progress pics:

In terms of coming up with a name for the piece, I wanted to come up with a saying that described the action, rather than just the words “jump” and “shot”.  Thus came “over the top”.  No, not the arm-wrestling, 80’s flick with Sylvester Stallone, but the definition of one going “above-and-beyond”.  And that is what I am reminded about when taking a shot, not in the game of lacrosse (’cause, I’m a goalie – I try to stop them), but taking a shot in the game of life.

I took the final shot with my iPhone using the popular app, Instagram.  Follow me on Instagram (vinniericasio).

Here’s the final piece, below:

“Over the Top”
8.5×11.5 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.
Now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™.

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