The making of “Stripes”.


Are you serious, Ref?!”

I heard of a saying that “coaches lose games, and refs ruin them”.

I’ve coached youth and high-school lacrosse in the past and I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with the officials.  I’ve also met and befriended a good amount of them as well.  Personally, I don’t think I could be a ref considering one call on the field benefits one team and hinders the other, thus stirring up certain reservations from a coach’s perspective.  But a ref told me that part of being ‘fair’ means that you can not please everybody. 

I’ve been looking to add more solid “creativity” to the portfolio and I remembered from past US Lacrosse events of customers inquiring for a “Ref” piece.  The following two images are new to The Art of Lax™ portfolio.  They salute the men and women who wear the “stripes” and conduct the game we love to play.

Coaches teach the game and manage the teams, but the Refs make the games official.

“Stripes” (male).  Pen & Ink on heavy drawing paper, 8.5×11.5

“Stripes” (female).  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper, 8.5×11.5


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My BEST piece of art:

Reid Philip RicasioBorn Oct. 15th at 8:26pm. 8lbs 6oz.  NYC.

He’s got the goalie stare down!