The Making of ‘The Face-2’


Back in September of 2008, I was building the foundation of The Art of Lax™.  I had no strict idea, or plan, but I was going to start with the simple basics.  That’s pretty much the norm, when one is naive.  When mulling around for content, I did want all positions represented but when I thought about how a lacrosse game starts, I thought right away about, the Face-Off.

“The Face” (2008)

Here’s the very first face-off piece I did back in the fall of 2008!  I also made it into a t-shirt that sold pretty well – well for not knowing anything about the apparel industry and its fuction(s).

(The Face, cotton t-shirt)

Fast-forward to present day.  I was looking for new content and I realized and I think it was long enough to see new versions for a few of the first pieces that were popular.  I decided to revist “The Face” and make another attempt, below.

In this most recent version, both “x-men” have”motorcycle grips”.  The Face-Off has been such an a common art that it is now a highly focused and prized position/talent.  Comparing the two versions, the newer one is almost at an angle and depicts a player “shouldering” his opponent to the side.  I wanted to keep it a bit more stationary than my usual styles, not showing body motion, but stressing it in the fluctuating positions of the respective sticks.  I also wanted to stress a finer, more finished look, demonstrating the artistry of the classic cross-hatching technique.

When comparing these two, it is funny to look back at the unpredictable road that was travelled since the start back in 2008.  I’m excited to possibly revisit this again in the coming years ahead.

“The Face-2” (2008)

“The Face-2”

7×12 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

Now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™.

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