The Making of “The Guardian 3”


As I’m constantly in the pursuit of new content, I wanted to revisit an “oldie but goodie”.  Back in 2009, one of my most popular pieces was of a goalie, titled “The Guardian”.  The next year, I decided to make another version titled “The Guardian 2”.  It did alright.  This year, I decided to make another version, as well, and see how it would go.

Looking at the new piece, I wanted to capture the goalie being stubborn and defiant in his body language.  Instead of having the figure make a save, or direct traffic in front of him, I thought that the “observance” of the field was enough.  As a goalie, myself, I feel that I have the best “seat in the house” and that the field is my “kingdom”, sort-of-speak.

“The Guardian 3”

“The Guardian 3”

8×12 inches. Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.

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“The Guardian”
“The Guardian 2”