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The making of “The Originators”.

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My pride and joy of The Art of Lax™ is looking back at the painting titled “The Creators”, which was the FIRST piece of lacrosse art that I did during my senior thesis in art school.  That piece launched it all.  While my thesis was to display a historical account of lacrosse, it was only fitting to start it out right – at its roots.

(“The Creators”  Oil on board.  Framed.  1999)

For new content search, I decided to take a step back and go deeper than a “retro” theme of ‘Old School’, etc.  I made action steps to revisit the Native-American theme of the game and decided to make a piece titled “The Originator” was a way to pay homage to the inventors of the greatest sport played on earth!

I’m a history buff.  I watch the History Channel extensively.  So when lacrosse, art & history are mixed in, it can be quite a ride!  I pulled out the history books, did an extensive on-line images search and drafted a few thumbnails.  The following pics depict the developmend stages of the piece:

The final outcome:

“The Originator”

8.5×12 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.  2011.

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  1. Cody Hart September 27, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    This is so awesome. The “war paint” makes it.

    • The Art of Lax September 28, 2011 at 8:15 am #

      Haha! Thanks Cody. I wanted to make this dude look just savage as if an @$$ beating was coming… !!

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