“The Perfect Form” Series Pt. 2 (Retro)


Last year, I did a piece, titled “Ol’ Skool” which was directed to an “older crowd” that played lacrosse.  I don’t mean “older” in an offensive manner, because I based that piece from personal experiences during my “younger days”.  I wrote an article on it and it was accepted well and purchased on a consistent basis.  I figured that my lacrosse-themed artwork should not focus only on today’s player but on the past, as well.

Screened on a Power-Tek Shooter shirt for the 2011 War at the Shore tournament.

My newest installment for “The Perfect Form” series made me come back to the “Ol’ Skool” genre or “Retro” as it’s sometimes called.  Here are a few pics showing the development stages:

(The “Brain Bucket” or “Baltimore Classic”)  *I can’t believe I wore those… and added another foam chin pad for “intimidation purposes”.

(Filling the figure out- Brine L35’s, slip-on arm guards…)  *I can’t believe that I never broke my thumb in goal wearing Brine L35’s.  I also can’t believe that I broke my thumb twice in one season (after college in 2008) wearing goalie gloves with “thumb protection!”

(Finishing touches—traditionally strung, STX Sam (non-offset), aluminum shaft with a “candy-cane” tape job) *I remember players bending aluminum shafts to create an off-set feel before the common off-set heads of today.

The final product, below:

Now available for purchase at The Art of Lax™.  Click on “Drawings 2” and scroll down to Misc.

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