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#TBT–Thailand 2011

0 - Published May 12, 2016 by in Art

I was cleaning up the computer when I found this funny pic from the LaxAllStars 2011 ‘Grow the Game’ Invitational in Bangkok, Thailand. Sticking out like tourists, we were “taken for a ride” by fake tour guides at the Grand Palace, who coordinated a tour made up of multiple ‘Tuk-Tuks’ for “planned visits” to different locations surrounding the […]


The ‘VR’ Line–Our Private Label

0 - Published April 21, 2016 by in Art, Business, Development, Entrepreneurship, Hard Work, Inspiration, Lacrosse

Nothing happens overnight.  Of the many products we offer, we’ve been always trying to “solve” the apparel side. The word “solve” is in quotations because any new product development, will always have their problems looking for any solutions, no matter the stage. In our case, we wanted to offer a higher-end of apparel that stood out a […]


Friday Food 4 Thought: It All Starts On Paper.

0 - Published April 15, 2016 by in Art, Business, Development, Inspiration

In college, I had an internship at a major magazine publication in NYC. While the internship was mostly “gopher” work, in the same room was the Design Director who would always have a sketch pad out, head down, doodling his design compositions. He hardly spoke in the interest to start office-room conversations, but you could tell he was […]


Go BIG, or Go HOME.

0 - Published April 7, 2016 by in Art

We love seeing our customers share our purchased products via email, social media, etc. Each customer has their own specific use(s). It’s a great surprise when we get those as it keeps us ONLY focused in doing great work. But, we know of three (3) customers, manifestly businesses, who constantly post our work for their […]


Putting on the colors.

0 - Published January 27, 2016 by in Art

Before 2015 came to a close, one of my projects that was a customer’s Christmas present, required me to use a mixed-media of pen & ink and watercolor.  It’s been a while since I did something in color, or a wet medium to be exact.  It’s good to get those projects as a reminder that […]


The Making of ‘Patient. Proficient. Persistent-2’

0 - Published December 18, 2015 by in Art, Business, Development, Featured, Hard Work, Inspiration, Lacrosse, Old School

Last year we had a piece titled ‘Patient. Persistent. Proficient.’  It illustrated human hands stringing a head of a traditional wooden stick.  Stringing a stick is hard – very hard.  But what nobody knew was that the piece was part one, of a two part series.  Instead of the traditional graphite, pen & ink mediums used, I made […]