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The Making of the Shot Trainer by Crankshooter

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“It is not only one person’s work, it’s really a partnership and collaboration during all these years.” – Christo (Artist) It’s funny how the most popular image in my portfolio, ‘Crank’ shares the same word in the company name that produced the product of the year for my business, as 2014 was coming to a close.  It’s […]

Made in NYC-Icons (w Text)-WEB

The Making of “Made in NYC”.

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“We’re from New York City.” That was the direct response from both my friend and myself, when asked where we were from while backpacking around Europe, summer of 2000.  Not “America”, or the “U.S.”, but “New York City”.  I told my friend to carefully observe their faces when we said that, because it was like a surprise to […]

The Sentinel-FB

Creating-The Sentinel

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One of my favorite pieces I did over the summer was for a client pertaining to a new and upcoming, goalie development coaching business, based in Long Island.  As a goalie myself, this was “second-nature” for me and I already had the image in mind when the client (a goalie, himself) was envisioning the details […]

Going Old School

Goin’ Ol’ Skool!

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My recent piece and blog post: “The making of Ol’ Skool” reminded me of a situation a few years ago to revisit and revive the days when shafts were either aluminum or wood, heads were not offset and REAL stringing was “traditional”.  Having such things today and going against the current trends sets the definition […]

That Life Changing Experience(s)…

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“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” – William Penn (Quaker leader and Founder of Pennsylvania, 1644-1718) “You need a LIFE, outside of your life.” – Phil Dusenberry (former Chairman, BBDO-North America) 2002.  Something was just missing – more like lacking.  It […]


“Creating the Eck’s Factor”

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Here is the first piece I did for 2011 titled, the “Eck’s Factor”.  It’s an action portrait of Chris Eck who is currently the face-off man for the Boston Cannons in MLL, a 2010 MLL All-Star, a member of the Team USA national/training roster and the founder of Eck’s Factor Lacrosse (teaching the fundamentals and […]