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#TBT – Last Time I Saw Jeff Brunelle

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Let’s file this one for a #TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday.  Not too long ago, I attended the WILC 2015 in Syracuse/Onondaga Reservation.  I promise to have a more detailed post about that experience that lasted a couple of days for me.  But what struck me when I attended the WILC, was being reunited after 4 years with the […]

Looking EAST-making the stride to ASIA.

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My flight is booked and my equipment will be carefully selected as to making the trip to Thailand on May 31st for the “Grow the Game” event in Bangkok on June 4th. Prior to all this was getting the chance to piece together and design the promotional card for our host, Thailand Lacrosse. Discussing with […]


You LEARN something EVERYDAY

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A few weeks ago, I played a lacrosse game out in Long Island on a rainy, cold, Wednesday night and returned to NYC late. I was starving and thankfully in my neighborhood of Long Island City, Queens has a diner that is open 24-hours. As I sat down and ordered my bacon-cheeseburger w/ fries, the […]

A favor in return.

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I recently did a quick turnaround for a former club lacrosse teammate of mine named, Jorge Quintana (Brooklyn, NY). Jorge, a former US Marine officer (now tax consultant/preparer) asked me to revamp the USMC logo for a custom tattoo. He gave me all “freedom” to come up with a different style/look but had to contain […]



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“Uncertainty and Expectation are the joys of life.  Security is a insipid thing.” William Cowper (English poet. 1731-1800) The Art of Lax™ is officially a global business as of February 2011 partnering with  Northern Soul Sportswear Ltd., as the exclusive retailer in the United Kingdom and the European Union.  Developing such working-relationships TAKE TIME.  Looking […]

Hellooooo LADIES!

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I’ve been staying up late and working on some ladies recently. Wait, forget that line! I’ve been working late (a bit past midnight), drawing some female lacrosse players to be exact.  A few emails and a Twitter Direct Message or “DM” prompted my decision to take action. “Do you plan to make more girls art […]

“It’s supposed to be HARD!”

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For the past few months (since the beginning of summer) I’ve been amassing the ongoing requests for custom lacrosse art from people all over.  They email a pic of what it is that they want to be artistically reproduced along with the specific requirements which will make the piece “special” to [them] – the customer.  […]

This is why I play.

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This is why I play. I need a release in life.  We all need a release(s) in life.  I had a boss once say: “You need to have a ‘life’ outside of your life.” Even doing the things you love can get a bit excessive, which is why you need a release or a break […]

“Creating the Roughnecks”

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Client: Ernie Antonchuk of Calgary, Canada/The Calgary Roughnecks (National Lacrosse League) Subject: Calgary Roughneck portraits of players; Kaleb Toth, Tracey Kelusky and Josh Sanderson/”Canada Day” This was my second international client asking for a custom order.  It was also my first time creating the “indoor” side of lacrosse – which is Canada’s popular and dominant […]