Working w/ Grant: The Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic


The Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic 2012

Yes, you are reading this CORRECTLY!  Hockey.  Ice Hockey.  Simply put—Pond Hockey!  But isn’t this The Art of Lax™ blog?  Isn’t this supposed to be a “lacrosse-themed” article?

“It’s not the classes you take, but the hands you shake.”

Back in June of 2011, my summer just started with a trip to Bangkok, Thailand for the 1st ever “Grow the Game” event with the LaxAllStars crew.  That summer, besides from playing as much lacrosse as possible, was dedicated to growing The Art of Lax™ to newer heights.  Upon my return to NYC, I got in touch with former Princeton Lacrosse captain, Grant Hewit, of Streaker Sports, to have a “meeting of the minds”.  We met up for lunch and discussed how to use both of our brands for each other.  Collaborate.

Grant (at left), one of three captains his senior year at Princeton.
Grant defending against UVA.
Grant defending against the Naval Academy at the 2004 Final Four--I was there in the stands.

I thought I was a multi-tasker… NO… Grant is a multi-tasker!  Straight G!  He handles Streaker Sports, newly formed biz, Hudson Sutler and makes time for organizations/foundations like; Adeona and CityLax.  Grant is also an event guy, coordinating NYC-based events in the past such as NYC Wing-Fest and the Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic.  Either he sleeps in his office or DOES NOT sleep at all!

Grant proposed to me the idea of doing artwork for the 2012 Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic, an event that he coordinated last year.  The proposed idea came at a right time because I was in the midst of laying the foundation for The Art of Athletes™ and establishing a licensing agreement with the Power-Tek Performance Gear Company, who were pushing the production of non-lacrosse-themed sports art, as well.  Things were hinting at the right direction.

The months leading up to the event, Grant and I traded concepts to each other thru emails, text messages and lunch meet ups, etc.  We finalized the concept that suited well for the event, consisting of the essence and simplicity of Pond Hockey, while including symbolic imagery to compliment the artistic aesthetic.

The finished piece for the 2012 BAPHC.

The finished product is a limited set edition of 20 prints to be sold at this weekends event at Bryant Park in New York City.  I was very happy to have worked with Grant on such a project and doing something totally different for a change, while sharing entrepreneurial “war stories” during our meet-ups.  It’s a great contribution to the upcoming, The Art of Atheletes™.  It was a great way to network and visualize the unknown possibilities ahead.  Check out his event, the Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic.

The piece, along with the event was also written up at:

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