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A bad day of lacrosse is better than a great day at work.

“A bad day of lacrosse is better than a great day at work.”

I remember that being said after one of my Thursday night lacrosse sessions by a few of my teammates after a ho-hum performance. I gave it some thought but it didn’t really stick with me, because as a competitive person you still think about what could’ve been better.

Yesterday, was opening day for my club team. It was an early start and the weather was very cold. For most of the players, it was the first time they had a lacrosse stick in their hands since a summer travel tournament. Needless to say, the game was very sloppy, lopsided and frustrating to get anything going. Reliable players made the simplest of mistakes. Soon enough teammates were screaming at each other. I personally had a decent outing in the goal, but of course, there was the “I should’ve stopped that shot and the other one…” among other thoughts in my head.

I had that feeling, yesterday morning of the first game wondering which of my teammates were ready to play and who had to get the rust out. But I couldn’t blame them, because it’s the first day after a long hiatus of not playing lacrosse since the summer.

If the game was bad, what did I like? That’s easy to answer. It was reuniting and hugging my old teammates from the last time we put the same uniform on together. It was shaking hands and introducing myself to the newbies, wondering what we have in common aside from lacrosse? It was catching up on life while stressing to find a roll of athletic tape for your stick just 3 minutes before face-off. It was cracking a quick joke on the sideline just to stay loose. And it was looking forward to the next game with the same people, on a long lacrosse season, that will pass by very quickly.

So, yeah. What was that saying about a bad day of lacrosse, again?


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