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Being real with Alf

We in the lacrosse-world all know who Alf Jacques is, right? The first time I exhibited at LaxCon in 2009, I had my painting of ‘The Creators’ propped on my easel to attract viewers.

One of them, that year, was Alf Jacques, along with his son, Ryder. We shook hands and he introduced himself and I answered with “Oh, I know…” He inquired about a reproduction print of ‘The Creators’ and I told him “For you, it’s a present. On the house!” 

Each year at LaxCon events, we would run into each other telling me how the print hangs up in his workshop. See the pic, below, in the red circle with arrows pointing towards it.

As the run-ins became normal, we would try to quickly catch up, look at our new products, and crack some jokes before the event crowds would take up our time.

At the 2013 LaxCon when I was his direct neighbor.
At the 2015 WILC, when he recognized and stopped a media/press meeting to acknowledge me.

The problem with theses events is that once they start it is difficult to see other people, companies, products, etc. You are on lockdown, basically. But this year, Alf found my booth in the early morning before the crowd entered. He looked at my new art and complimented them. I told him “Thanks for the praise, but I still go back to my studio office and work.”

He wanted to purchase four, new reproduction prints to add to the existing print he got back in 2009. And just like in 2009, I told him that “it’s on the house” for what he does for lacrosse. I thanked him for being a friend, even if we see each other only once a year at these events. I then complimented his unique and amazing work as the ‘Stickmaker of the Iroquois’. Alf’s response,

“Thanks, but I still go back to my workshop each day.” :o)

LaxCon 2017. Alfie – Selfie! :o)


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