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Brooklyn Lacrosse Club 2012 Uniforms

It was around 70 degrees yesterday in NYC!

The one short break I took to step outside my office in Manhattan to get a cup of coffee, had me saying to myself that “this is PERFECT lax weather”!

Brooklyn Lacrosse Club kicks off their 2012 season this weekend against Out East Life at the Aviator Sports & Recreation at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.

Our uniforms this season, were made by the Power-Tek Performance Gear – the official apparel manufacturer of The Art of Lax™ and the soon to come, The Art of Athletes™.  Power-Tek has outfitted Brooklyn for past tournaments and events.  The performance material is great and we custom screened for a different look–simple, clean and direct.

Below, are the pics.

"What's in the BOX?"

It says BROOKLYN because it's NOT BOSTON. It says LACROSSE because you get the questions on the subway "is that stick used for fishing?"

A BIG THANKS to our sponsor this year, the Civilian Military Combine!  Check them out.


Back in 2005 when the Brookly Lacrosse Club was founded at the Prospect Park Parade Ground in Brooklyn (same place where former Brooklyn Dodger, Sandy Koufax, started to play baseball), we approached and tried to impress, the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, for possible sponsorship.  The company colors are green, black and white so we decided to make our uniforms to that color scheme.  Brooklyn Brewery said no, due to not sponsoring sports teams.  That’s trendy Williamsburg for you.


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