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Bucknell Lacrosse piece

Not every mark is the same on a original piece. Not every custom art piece is the same, regardless of how often I do them. So, when I was contacted by members of the Bucknell Lacrosse parents committee to do an end-of-the-season piece for the Head Coach, Frank Fedorjaka I was excited and up for the challenge.

This wasn’t a lacrosse action-piece, like most custom orders, because it had to deal with symbolic imagery. The mascot of Bucknell is a Bison, but I was told that a piece showing an Eagle soaring above the Bison was to be done. It had a personal meaning to the coach, which I did not know. I was given an ‘open direction’ to do the concept and I was thinking that I did not want to show a ‘nature scene’, or a ‘nature environment’ with the two animals. I was thinking more of an collegiate, athletic feeling, and to somehow, involve a lacrosse-element somewhere. Below, are the progression pics taken:

After it being signed, sealed and delivered, it was in the hands of the parents and eventually in the hands of the recipient, Coach Fedorjaka, below.

16×20 size. Watercolor, pen & ink and graphite.

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The parents who spearheaded the Bucknell Lacrosse parents’ gift to the coach were Fred and Deborah Schiappa of Chicago, IL. Their son, Michael was the captain of the 2017 team. Four years ago, Fred and Deborah commissioned me to do a custom piece for their son’s high school graduation present. Amazing how customers return, because you never know. Do your best – everyday.

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