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“Crank” Car-Safe Magnets

I’m always on the hunt to develop new things for the biz!  My mind is always churning and cranking.  Speaking of Crank-ing…

I was thinking of an accessory item and I wanted to make something besides print and/or apparel.  Ever since moving to the suburbs back in September of 2012, I constantly see bumper stickers or window decals of organized teams, schools, among other things of that sort.  Inspired from those oval-shaped, “Euro-bumper stickers” seen during my time spent backpacking all over Europe during the summer of 2000, my mind started to develop some ideas.  But, I didn’t want it to be oval-shaped.  I didn’t want it to be just block letters, or abbreviations.  I wanted it to be different – to stand out.

So I took the image that I’m known for – “Crank”.  The classic image of the figure about to “unleash the heat”, only this time in a rectangular surface with a surrounding border and The Art of Lax™ URL, at the bottom.  After some variations, edits, etc., I came up with a product that’s not just an advertisement, but manifestly, a piece of art.

Printed on a 4×6 inch scale, vinyl surface that is scratch-free and water resistant.  Get one for $4.99 or TWO for $7.99 – because some people have two cars, or they need to have one go on the refrigerator, as well!


I shopped around for manufacturers all over.  I asked for sample jobs, or products, in the mail and with those samples I made my own prototype that was very makeshift, but acceptable.  I stuck that makeshift prototype on my car to “test” it out.  It was stolen just after two days.  I was actually very excited about the result!

Once I got the final product from the manufacturer, I unofficially leaked it on my Twitter account.  Soon enough, the first batch of magnets were being shipped to a customer in Europe – in Germany.  Funny how things come full circle in life!

Somebody's riding in style in Europe!
Somebody’s riding in style in Europe!



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