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Creating Archie & Chris


One of my most recent pieces of custom work came from a customer “across the pond”.  In the past, I’ve done numerous pieces for international clients and I’m always curious on how the game is growing abroad.  In this piece, the client told me that it was going to be a birthday present for her husband, Chris Bland – one of the best face-off players in the UK, and a member of Team England.  This piece was going to be different.  It was to be a non-action piece – a sentimental one.

The following pics document the progression of the custom piece:


The finished product:


“Archie & Chris”

8×10 inches.  Pen & ink on heavy drawing paper.


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  1. that hit on wharton was ridiculous.  Late, high and cheap.  Not as bad as it could have been, but pretty egregious.  It does say something for always keeping your head up though.

    Towson didn’t look terrible at all.  Hopkins just looked a lot better.  There is a definite confidence there!

  2. I don’t know what Petro said to those boys at halftime but a different Hop came out of that locker room. I’m thinking it went something like this…

  3. Quint was right. Towson scored at the 8:56 mark of the 3rd quarter and the refs didn’t see it. What a shame. 2 goal swing as Hopkins collected the rebound and sprinted downfield to score a transition goal. Would have cut the score to 7-4, instead it was 8-3 Jays.

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