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Creating “Run & Gun”

In the past months, I’ve been getting numerous feedback/requests for a “team” piece.  So after doing a new Face-Off piece, titled Down-Set(see below), named after the words coming from the ref starting the first play of a lacrosse game, I realized [it] is a “team” sport after all!

I wanted to display the power of offense in speed, determination and intimidation.  The words “Run & Gun” came to mind and as a goalie, the offense I respect and fear the most, is the one that doesn’t settle and slow the ball down.  Believe that!

In my opinion, the best shooters – shoot on the run and hide their stick.  Equipped with these off-set heads and “feather-weight” shafts, these shooters can swing it like golf clubs!

I wanted to have the stick “off-the-hip” not giving away a hint of a high or low shot being released.  These players are the “creative ones”, who can change planes at the last second.

To finish the “team” characteristic, I added a defensive player – LSM or close defenseman about to get beat.  The finished piece is here:

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]

Just in case there are those who still like the “individual” factor, I still kept you in mind. :o)

  1. I didn’t think this was allowed.  Her school may not offer women’s lacrosse, but the NCAA does sponsor the sport.  I though the only exceptions made were for sports not NCAA sanctioned.  Anyone?

  2. Alabama here. It’s not just you. A little less than half the kids on my HS JV team were signed up when registration ended in December (I didn’t even have 10 kids). I also picked up 3-4 players after practice started in January.

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