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Creating The Perfect Form series.

In mid-March, I made a new piece called “The Perfect Form” which had a similar look as my bestseller “Crank”.  The image displayed is of a modern-day player, with a right-handed shot, arms away and level to the eyes.  The actual purpose behind it was to make “The Perfect Form” better than “Crank”.  As much as I was proud of accomplishing the new image, I just knew it had to “have more”, in some way or form… but how and what?

The Perfect Form - Present

“History is more or less bunk.” – Henry Ford

I’ve always been a fan of History.  If I didn’t go to art school, I would’ve probably have majored in the liberal arts subject.  But I went to art school and ironically, the subject I hated the most was Art History!  Once the classroom lights were dimmed and the slide projector turned on, I doodled lacrosse players in my notebook.  Come senior year, my senior thesis was titled “Lacrosse: An Experience in History”, which showed an artistic version of lacrosse played from the Native-Americans to the present day.

The concept.

I took another look at “The Perfect Form” and wondered if I added a historical characteristic to it by making it a “collection” of some sort, more like – a series.  The image of the player in a “present” form by wearing a Cascade CPX helmet and holding an offset-head strung with mesh, had me thinking of the possibility of making another version but in an “older state”, or genre.  What if I did a player wearing a “brain-bucket” and “L-35’s”, using a STX SAM?  What if I did a player, no, a Native-American, wearing a loin cloth, holding a wooden “crossier” as called by the early-French explorers.  The ideas kept on amassing.

The idea was saved in my memo folder of my Blackberry.  The concept was then doodled on a restaurant napkin in Manhattan.  I figured that I could appeal to the many lacrosse enthusiasts, primarily in a historical account, that showed the progression of the game, in many forms.  This was just like my senior thesis in art school, but this time it was going to be focused for the lacrosse audience, not just art.

Forming the other Forms.

I did a piece called “Ol’ Skool” which was geared for us folks that used the non-offset-heads in the game, so making another piece wasn’t going to be too difficult.  It was going to be fun, because that was the gear I used when I started to play.  I figured some Brine L-35s with that “floating cuff”, a SAM with some traditional diamonds and a “dowel shaft” plus a Bacharach Rasin “brain-bucket” would do it up!  The finished piece is called “The Perfect Form” (Retro).

The Perfect Form - Retro

One of my most popular images done in 2011 was “The Originator”.  The piece showed a Native-American with a handmade stick pertaining to that respective time period.  My apparel manufacturers, the Power-Tek Performance Gear, turned “The Originator” into a popular selling t-shirt that is currently sold at fine lacrosse retailers in the country.  That image made the decision to go back to the “starting point” and execute an image honoring the inventors of the sport.  Using the same concept, as “The Originator” and my first piece of my senior thesis “The Creators”, this new version pertaining to the Native-American theme was to be called “The Perfect Form” (Founder).

The Perfect Form - Founder

Bringing it all together.

Aside from the individual genres, I made a version which compiled them into a single piece showing the historical side – as if it were telling a story of some sort.

The Perfect Form - Series

This version is titled “The Perfect Form” (Series) and can be found at the newly-made page in The Art of Lax™ website titled “The Perfect Form”.  As for trying to outdo “Crank” as a bestseller, I don’t know as of now (or if I ever will), but it’s good to have that “inner-competition”… it’s also good to have that “go-to” piece.

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While writing this blog, more and more ideas came to mind as far as added content to be considered in the near future.  So who knows, maybe an image of an 1800’s player is next, among other milestone figures in lacrosse history?


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