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Enter The Dragon Games

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking ahead, or what’s next, even when there’s not a need. It’s a competitive habit, sort-of-speak. When I moved north out of NYC and into the ‘burbs, 6 years ago, I thought my lacrosse playing days were over and I had to be a boring adult. But, when I found and joined a network of players, manifestly older adults and parents, who wanted to play lacrosse all-year-round with our ‘underground leagues’, we decided to ramp it up and create a tournament of our own.

Enter The Dragon Games. A one (1) day, lacrosse tournament for ages 35 and over – Men’s Masters age level. The venue for competition is the Yorktown Sports Complex – Navajo Fields, which is 45 mins. north of New York City in the lacrosse hotbed area of Yorktown Heights, NY. The date for the event is Saturday, October 13th, because we realized after Labor Day, the Fall Season lacks any lacrosse competition for us adults. Plus, it would be good way to close out one more outdoor run on the field, before it gets too cold and then Thanksgiving and the Holidays take over.

Who are we, you may ask? We are a group of professionals with a combination of different backgrounds ranging from New Product and Business Development to Corporate Sponsorships, Advertising, Marketing and Sales to Design and Artistic Creativity. But, we all have that burning fire to play the oldest and greatest game on earth – Lacrosse.

To start this tournament off, 4-6 teams will be competing from the morning into the afternoon enabling a full day of uninterrupted lacrosse. But this isn’t just going to be a bunch of throw-away games, so that you come home happy. There’s going to be a purpose and a reason behind this event.

• To make this an annual event, going forward.

• To establish a forum where players/participants make a diverse and professional networking platform.

• To help and their mission, as The Dragon Games will make a charitable donation to benefit their program.

Check out some of these names who are helping with The Dragon Games, below:

Get your team ready! Call and email your former teammates, or have that ‘water cooler conversation’ if your co-worker plays, too. Need to ask some questions?… sure, email us at:

We look forward to having you and your team play ’til we’re draggin’ you off the field. 



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