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Extraverso: Product Review


This year, we’ve been on the roll with smartphone & tablet accessories.  It’s been one of the most popular and successful products we’ve put the lacrosse art on!  It’s a digital world we live in and these days people are literally connected to the world with their fingertips.  So why not keep the momentum going?

Well, we just did.  This time we listened to our customers in Europe who had to wait quite some time for our smartphone cases to reach them.  As a business owner, you can’t please all but if you can find a way to fill a gap, you’re not just solving a problem, you’re growing the business.  And that’s what we did with European smartphone based company, Extraverso.  This brand new partnership is an example of our international growth and demand.  It is also a great way to grow the game in the United Kingdom/European Union areas.


You know what they say about European style and design?… these cases definitely exemplify that.  The Extraverso cover is unbelievably thin and light. But it’s also designed to be resistant, anti-scratch, smooth and durable.  It features incredible grip properties, meaning it can even cling to flat and non-porous surfaces such as glass or mirrors.  So how do I use it, you ask?  Here are some examples:

[stu alias="fivestar1"][/stu]

• You can take “selfies” without having the arm in the picture.  Your selfies will look amazing!

• Drive safely with your mobile phone in sight.  Put it on your car’s dashboard!

• Follow your favorite video recipes and cook.  Stick it in the kitchen!

• Don’t get tired during a skype call.  Stick it on a glass.

• Keep your metro-card stuck on the smartphone.  Perfect for when you’re in a hurry.

• Relax at an outdoor restaurant/cafe.  Your smartphone will be safe from robbers when stuck on the table.

Designed in Paris and made in Italy – yes, you read that right!  These cases cost 20€ or $34.50 in U.S. Dollars.  The following pics show the case from arrival, assembly to function:


Yeah, this ain’t no U.S. Postal service stuff, now?

IMG_3702 IMG_3703

Some of the best retail packaging, I’ve seen my products come in.  Definitely, European!

IMG_3705   IMG_3708

Once you get it out of the packaging the fun starts…


Keep in mind you get to choose between a black, or clear, sidewall.  I picked black.

IMG_3716 IMG_3717

The skin is a padded bumper that is pretty thick!


Put it all together and you’re ready to go!


Interested in getting one for yourself?… they obviously ship to the United States!

Get yours by clicking, here.

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Check out the videos of the Extraverso case in action:

We also have another product coming soon from an international and trendy location.  These ones are for the laptops!  Product sneak, below.



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