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Face Masks

I hope this finds you well, safe and healthy. These are some strange and challenging times for sure. As much as we all would love to know when this would be over, we really don’t. It’s a long game to played – day by day. But instead of just hunkering down and being on the defensive, the competitive athlete in me wanted to go on the offensive, and somehow execute, encourage, inspire, but most of all HELP.

I’ve been very fortunate to be very busy doing my work responsibilities, that I now really embrace the stress instead of complaining just to add needless and senseless drama. With one of my manufacturing partners, custom face masks with the lacrosse art are now being developed and offered.

The face mask products:

‘Crank Neon’
‘Crank White’
‘Pure Lax’ (available in Red, Sky Blue and Yellow)
‘Sticks Up!’

Product description:

Each mask is made out of polyester with elastic straps. The artwork is dye sublimated for a long lasting point. Face masks are available in both small (16.5 cm/6.5 inches) and large sizes (20cm/7.8 inches). Masks take 3-4 days to make and are shipped directly to the customer from the production facility via USPS Priority Mail. Wash cold prior to use.

The cause:

I personally didn’t want to look at this as a profit making product. As I said, I was looking for a way to contribute to the efforts against this deadly global disease. Each mask is sold at COST and $1 from each mask will go to support the Residents in the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, NY, who are in the fight against COVID-19.

As I write this article, well over 100 face masks have been ordered, produced and shipped to customers from all over the United States. Not only are you creating awareness and contributing to a great cause, you are also keeping a manufacturing employee’s position in place, along with those in the shipping and supply line industries.

As a founder of this business, I’m extremely grateful for your support and acceptance. Please be safe, stay healthy and positive during these challenging times.

To see all the face mask products and purchase, please click here.

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