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The First Online Purchase

You always remember your FIRST time… for anything, right? 🙂

My email experience in college was VERY minimal, so was my internet use. So when one of my earliest jobs out of college offered, a young me, to travel to Milan, Italy for biz, I took the opportunity. Before that, I visited Milan during my summer experience backpacking around Europe in 2000. Before 2000, Milan was visited during my college study abroad in 1998. And before 1998, Milan was the place I called home from the ages of 3, 4 & 5, as my father’s job relocated us there from NYC. I was no stranger to Milan, Italy.

Fast-forward to 2001. During my flight to Milan’s Malpensa Airport, aside from work reading material, I had with me a Great Atlantic Lacrosse catalog. As a goalie, I’m always looking at the goalie gear, and the first open sidewall goalie stick from STX got my attention – the Exclipse. I knew my STX Goalmaster since high-school had better days.

During down time from biz, I walked into a what was called, an “internet-cafe”, and “paid to use” the internet for 30 minutes. I was VERY skeptical, and scared of purchasing anything over the internet, but I still went on the Great Atlantic Lacrosse Co. website, which is brilliantly so EASY to remember ( I probably spent 20 mins. surfing the website, and realized I had little time left to “take the dive” and make my FIRST online purchase. Soon enough, I clicked on the STX Eclipse, added it into my shopping cart, hesitantly typed in my credit card, shipping info, while struggling to type the ‘@’ ‘at-sign’ or ‘at-mark’ on a European keyboard for my confirmation email address. Hit ‘confirm order’ and logged out, before the 30 mins. expired.

As I arrived back to home in NYC, my STX Eclipse was waiting for me, along with an STX “monster-mesh” stringing kit. To this day in 2016, that same old STX Eclipse was my first “guinea pig” for stick dying and stringing experiments, used in both indoor and outdoor lacrosse leagues and travel tournaments, my “go-to” for wall-ball and my son’s personal use playing in the backyard (see pic).

STX Exclipse
STX Exclipse



I’ve owned more Eclipses after, and broke a few from shots and cold weather, but that FIRST one is still hanging in there. Strange, huh? 🙂 As the digital world can seem so/is saturated, etc. it’s funny to look back that your first online purchase, while in a foreign country, is still in use.

You never forget your first time. 🙂

Ciao, ragazzi! Grazie.



The American School of Milan. Me. Middle row, standing, second to the left.
The American School of Milan. Me. Middle row, standing, second to the left.

And I still have my STX Goalmaster in high-school, along with the OG Crooked Arrow wooden shaft. Booyah!

IMG_1269 IMG_1270





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