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Friday Food 4 Thought: Be Artist. Be Athlete

Back in late-February, we took the family on a California trip to see my sister and her family in the SF/Oakland/Bay-area and do a road trip along the famed, Pacific Coast Highway down to L.A. to see my brother-in-law, and his family. When it’s not my turn to drive, I’m sitting on the passenger side taking pictures to document the trip. On one occasion, a routine drive on a ‘not-so-scenic-area’ of one of the urban expressways in SF, got my attention to snap a pic.

I missed playing sports in art school, among other traditional and mainstream things. And doing lacrosse art as a senior-thesis wasn’t really favorable, or understood there.  It was tough to keep telling, or explaining my lacrosse sports art, to the masses in art school.  But, on that drive in SF, I was amazed as to what I saw. Here are those pics:


An athletic team bus of an Art School in the Bay-area boasting their tag-line, “Be Artist. Be Athlete.” It makes total sense. As an artist, the competition is heavy and the failure rate is high. As an athlete, you thrive in competition knowing that failure is possible.

There are those who do get it! You just have to find them.

Happy Friday!


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