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Friday Food 4 Thought: Graduation Speeches

I’ve been going to the gym every so often during the week to prepare for a certain summer tournament comeback after being 4 years away.  My iPhone songs get mundane and it becomes quite boring on the treadmill, bike, etc., whatever!  Recently, I’ve changed it up and started to listen to a variety of college and university graduation speeches.  In short, they’ve been great… no, absolutely excellent!

I forgot who spoke during my graduation speech.  I also didn’t really care.  I had a job already lined up for the Fall and was looking forward to a backpacking trip all over Europe that summer.  At the very least, watching the speeches while on the treadmill forgets that I’m doing a multi-mile run.  And while my body is getting healthy, so is the mind.  Below, are three of my favorite grad speeches from three different professions.

Happy Friday!

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