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Friday Food 4 Thought: It’s in the Books?

Recently, we did a massive studio clean up after some hefty projects to make space for more upcoming projects, and into the Holiday Season, ahead.  In old, stacked storage boxes, some of them unlabeled, we found what we thought was to be something for the art before apparel and other hard good accessories came to life.

In 2009, we just started and were trying anything out.  Forget the formal and academic planning to play things safe.  Our goal was for the lacrosse art to be “liked” and “accepted” by anyone willing to care.  With extra colored paper from my advertising agency’s art department, and a big spool of lacrosse sidewall string, we decided to have fun, or “make use” of a few things.  But they were put on hold soon after, because our first order for apparel production came in.  And a bit over 5 years later, we find these attempts as bookmarks still alive and in good condition!

Who knows, maybe “freebies” at the next LaxCon??? :o)

Happy Friday!


Before 'Crank'', it was 'Full-Tilt' that was out "best seller" back then!
Before ‘Crank”, it was ‘Full-Tilt’ that was out “best seller” back then!


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