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Friday Food 4 Thought: Just Ask

Asking a question is not a sign of weakness, rather intelligence. Asking for help is a sign of success.

You’d be surprised how many people are afraid, or hesitant to ask questions, or just ask for some plain, old help. Is it a performance anxiety, of some sort? I don’t know. But, you’d be surprised as to what may happen if you do ask for help.

Back in 2002, I started a men’s post-collegiate, club lacrosse team in NYC. It was the first, of two, teams that I started. Like anything, I started it on a whim, with passion and a lot of naivete. Not knowing much of an NYC-based lacrosse community, back then, I turned to the internet to see what was out there. The search results came up with an NYC-based, women’s lacrosse team called, Gotham Women’s Lacrosse, and decided to reach out to their leadership. I asked for any advice they had in managing a newly built lacrosse team in NYC, since they had a few years of competition and any local lacrosse playing opportunities that they may know of.

Gotham’s co-founder, Rachel Moore, responded to my email request and invited me to attend their team’s bar outing and fundraiser one night. At the party, Rachel and I introduced ourselves, met the team, talked about our lacrosse playing experiences and what we do for work. When they found out of my playing goalie, they told me that I could step in goal during their practices due to their goalie’s spotty attendance. I thought it would be strange to practice with women, but I accepted their offer.

Fast-forward to the present day, the team I first started failed. But asking advice and help from another team enabled me to learn and co-found another club lacrosse team that became successful. Asking Gotham Women’s Lacrosse was a great starting point!

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As for Rachel, their co-founder… oh yeah, she’s now my wife. :o)

Happy Friday!




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