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Friday Food 4 Thought: Mike Richter

20 years ago, I got inspired and decided to model my lacrosse goaltending-form after witnessing “The SAVE” by former NY Rangers great, Mike Richter.

It was 1994 and the NY Rangers were competing for their first Stanley Cup in 54 years!  NYC was also getting its act cleaned up – it was  very exciting time to be a NYC-er.  As a goalie, I was always told that you had to “step to the shot” or “lead with your stick and follow with your feet”.  My belief, which was clearly reinforced by my coach, was manifestly, that if I stopped the shot, then I stopped the shot.  The NY Rangers goalie, Mike Richter was very acrobatic and FLEXIBLE – and was a WALL.  After seeing his heroics doing “The SAVE”, I decided to take some hockey notes and apply it to my lacrosse game.

Be inspired from others and other things.  You can never have too much inspiration.

Happy Friday.


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Above:  Mike Richter and “The Save” (top), me in doing the “splits”.


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