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Friday Food 4 Thought: The Miracle

“Work hard, play hard. You don’t win all the time. That is what makes winning sweet!”

As we approach the closing of the Summer Olympics in Rio, which started while I was up at the Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse tournament, earlier this month, I was reminded where I was – in Lake Placid, NY. Lake Placid was the home of two Winter Olympics Games in 1932 and 1980, respectively. In the 1980 Winter Olympics, it was the site of ‘The Miracle on Ice’ which is highly regarded as one of the best moments in sports of the 20th Century.

While I was there to compete in a multi-day lacrosse tournament, I spent one morning with a teammate of mine, to discreetly tour the location where ‘The Miracle’ happened. The pictures, below, document the personal experience.

The former speed skating track.


The 1932 rink.

We entered the 1932 rink to find one of the development sessions of U.S. figure skating going on.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle
The body language of the coach says it all.


The 1980 rink.
A panoramic view from the benches.

We sat in an empty and quiet rink, trying to imagine what was it like to be there that night when a bunch of college kids beat the best team on earth, then win the gold medal a few days later. But in the far distance, up in the rafters, a small, guided tour had the last 2 minutes of the USA/Soviet game played on the loud speakers. It echoed the famous “Do you believe in miracles?!” line from Al Michaels, who called the game that night. Suddenly, the swishing sound of keys on a chain link of some sort, came from behind me. It was a maintenance man who smiled and said,

“I’ve been working here for over 10 years and that NEVER gets old!”

Sometimes it’s better to be the underdog in life.

Happy Friday!



The Man!
Hung up in the hallway leading to the ice.
Signed poster of Mike Eruzione, Captain of the 1980 team. Found in an empty, unlocked office. Had to take a pic!

IMG_6950 Miracle-StreakerSports-WEB

And we did a piece honoring ‘The Miracle’ with our friends at ‘Streaker Sports’.



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