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Friday Food 4 Thought: Technique & Tradition

I had the first book ‘Lacrosse: Technique & Tradition’ given to me as a gift after graduating 8th grade in 1992. I read it like it was homework. So worn out is the book that the pages are falling apart from the spine.

Just a classic.
Just a classic.

Fast-forward to January of 2008, I’m at the US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia and I see the second part of the book written by the current head coach of Johns Hopkins University, Dave Pietramala.


While I am impressed to see a modern-day cover compared to the classic one written by Bob Scott, I notice the graphic-shape of the lacrosse figure on the top-right corner. My ‘art-direction’ mind started to go. The lacrosse-shape, or filled-in outline, is so “cookie-cutter”, cheaply done – just plain awful. Clearly it is a long-stick defenseman, but because of the outline the stick looks like a paddle, or an oar. No strings, no pocket details, whatsoever. I knew I could do better!

Later that year in the Fall of 2008, a set of 24, pen & ink lacrosse-themed drawings were executed on a whim. In January of 2009, those drawings were first displayed to the public at the 2009 US Lacrosse Convention as The Art of Lax. It’s funny how one little bother motivates you to do something different.

And we’re still drawing, creating and doing…

Happy Friday!



The cover of the Technique & Tradition – The Second Edition, above, was the semi-final of the 2005 Final Four between Hopkins and UVA. I was there and obviously that picture not eh cover was taken before the infamous, dark storm that came to change things around.

At left, celebrating Hopkins PERFECT 2005 season in Philly.


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