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From Bar Napkin to Bar (The Perfect Form)

“Sometimes, or most of the times, the customer has a bigger brain than the business owner.” (Richard Branson)

Almost 5 years ago, what became one of my most noted pieces, or images, was loosely sketched on a bar napkin after work, back during my advertising days. I wanted to show some sort of ‘history lesson’, rather than an ‘action pic’. That idea became known as ‘The Perfect Form’ (Series) and has been in regular demand for a variety of applications.

Back in August of 2016, a unique request for the image(s) made me think back to where and when the idea for ‘The Perfect Form’ (Series) was made. This time the customer/client wanted reproductions to be placed on a home-bar project, that he was building. Below, are some of the construction pics of the home-bar project:

Add one more popular image called ‘Sticks Up!’, too… :o)

Put it together, and…

A look at the finished bar from a distance…

Man, what a set-up, huh? Oh, by the way, you should see where the bar and game room also lead into…

An awesome theater, too.

Kudos, and great work to my client who built it. That bar with ‘The Perfect Form’ and everything else is just PERFECT!

To see ALL of the progress pics from the owner, click HERE.


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Some other ‘The Perfect Form’ things…

The Perfect Form (Box-Series/WILC)

Have a PERFECT idea for ‘The Perfect Form’? You know how to get in touch! :o)



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