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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not easy being green.

Yes, the famous words by Kermit the Frog.

Today, being St. Patrick’s Day and seeing a lot of green being worn outside, I was quickly reminded of why the team I co-founded, the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club is colored green – a question that’s asked a lot.

When the team was founded in 2006, we were a bunch of wanderers in the Borough of Brooklyn.  However, a handful of us actually grew up in the boro, itself.  Through the network of one of our players, we heard that the marketing director of the iconic Brooklyn-based business, The Brooklyn Brewery was a Lawrenceville grad who played lacrosse!  A local business possibly sponsoring a local team?  Because the Brooklyn Brewery’s main color is green, we decided to “sugar up” to them, prior to our proposal, by getting green and white reversible pennies done for game day competition.

Long story short, the brewery wasn’t interested in sponsoring a lacrosse team, or any athletic team at all.  Guess it’s not easy being green, just like Kermit said in the song.  We still held onto our reversibles for games and for some reason still kept the green and white as our team colors, regardless of not getting a sponsorship as originally planned.

“So why green?”… should you ask the men of the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club.


Also, did you know that the Brooklyn Brewery’s company logo was designed by a native-New Yorker named Milton Glaser, who’s also known for another iconic NY logo…



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