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Hellooo Ladies!

It’s hard to accomplish all the things on my list, but I decided in one week to focus, and complete a number of female-themed lacrosse images.

As the Holiday inquiries and orders pour in once the Fall Season enters, my mind starts to churn a number of ideas as far as new content to The Art of Lax™ portfolio.  I have a laundry list that’s either written down on paper or in a “task folder” saved in my old Blackberry or my newly acquired iPhone.  It’s hard to accomplish all on the list but I decided on one week, to focus and complete a number of female-themed lacrosse images.

“You just can’t please everybody.”

A couple of years ago, I did a set of female pieces that were titled “Taking Charge”.  I made them aggressive looking – almost mean.  After launching them on a few social media platforms, I remember getting some positive feedback from female twitter accounts that mentioned their being pleased to see my women’s lacrosse images as “tough and sweaty” rather than “delicate and girly”.

“Taking Charge”
“Taking Charge 2”

“You must always keep your customers hungry and frustrated.”  Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Hublot)

At the 2012 U.S. Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia, a female customer “grilled me” with those two, exact images of “Taking Charge” in her hands.  I felt like I was back in the 5th grade and forgot to hand in my homework.  She lectured me on how my female lacrosse images should look “pretty” and that they should be having “more fun”, among other things that she didn’t see in my “aggressive” looking work.

I do believe that “the customer is always right” but as she kept on lecturing me, a line of other customers got to see, and hear, her rant that made it uncomfortable in our booth area.  It practically made a scene but “cooler heads” had to prevail (mine).  She had about 5 female prints in her hands and the look of frustration on her face.  Once she was done she asked “how much for all of them.”

I will always save that in my The Art of Lax™ “business war stories” folder.

The following four (4) female lacrosse pieces are newly added to The Art of Lax™ portfolio.

“Beast Mode”
“Full Tilt-Female 2”
“Lax Girl 3”
“Lax Girl-Retro”

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