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Hellooooo LADIES!

I’ve been staying up late and working on some ladies recently.

Wait, forget that line!

I’ve been working late (a bit past midnight), drawing some female lacrosse players to be exact.  A few emails and a Twitter Direct Message or “DM” prompted my decision to take action.

“Do you plan to make more girls art anytime soon? I need a few things for my daughters in time for Christmas.” –Heather (CA)

“I just saw it on Twitter and looks like one of my players I coach.  Can I buy it on your site?” -Susan (FL)

It’s been a while since I’ve done some female lacrosse art and after some emails from customers asking for such images, I decided to dedicate a week to produce three pieces.  Due to the absence of equipment (no helmets, pads, etc.) drawing the female lacrosse athlete is much easier and less time consuming than the male side.  I’m also reminded that the female version of the game highly resembles the original, Native-American version as well (sans the brutal body contact/checking!).  As I study the drawings, my respect towards the the female aspect(s) of the game grows.

I announce on twitter that they are “avail. for purchase”.  A few hours later, my blackberry sounds off.  Google Checkout tells me it is Susan (from Florida) and she just purchased one of each.

Looks like I got some more work to do tonight.

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