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Hitting the Books!

There was a joke in art school that it was rare to see students with an open book, unless it was a sketchbook to do drawings, of course.  Being an artist and business founder requires both conventional and unconventional education and inspiration from a variety of sorts.  In this article, I will share seven (7) books that have inspired and shaped me along the way.  I still read them for advice from time to time.



This book was a “must read” from my old-school minded, creative director during my advertising days.  What’s the book about: Work hard, play hard is the norm of the book.



Read this during my junior year of art school to take my mind off the routine art school environment.  What’s the book about: The only place where a plan is perfect is in the “planning room”.  Once you leave the room a man named “Murphy” comes in and establishes his “Law”.



Bought this book for my morning commute to work instead of reading the newspaper.  What’s the book about: Well, the best advice ever given to me was from my high-school art teacher on graduation day: “Don’t just rely on your talent!”



Suggested by a former lacrosse teammate who attended Harvard and then Harvard Business School for his MBA, where this was required reading.  What’s this book about: Phil Knight of Nike once said “Business is war without bullets.”



Bought this book after reading a NY Times review.  What’s the book about: When traditional work gets tough, I remind myself that I still face 90+ mph, solid rubber, lacrosse balls being shot at me.



My favorite artist or “man of many hats”.  Given to me by my parents on my 20th birthday.  What’s the book about: People who are small minded and one-dimensional are some of the most boring to be around.



Given to me by a former boss on my last day of work.  What’s the book about: If you think starting a business or any new venture is tough, try starting a nation!

I am a closet “book worm” when there is time.  So, what are your favorite reads?


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