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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“One of these kids is NOT like the other.”

With the 2018 World Games of Lacrosse over, it’s a good time to reflect on them. The location of the host nation Israel, as well as new teams from developing counties participating in them, are validations to the advancement of the game. Another advancement was the amount of televised and accessible ways to watch the games. It was exciting to see it ramp up!

However, I remember the first two televised games in Israel vs. Jamaica, and U.S.A vs. Iroquois, had one strange disadvantage: an orange ball. You couldn’t see an orange lacrosse ball on TV. The players looked as if they were pretending, or doing fake passes and you just had to follow those actions. It was annoying. Soon after, complaints on social media made it clear and the viewers on TV were heard, thus a return to use the traditional, bright, white lacrosse ball was made. 

I’m always up for something good to advance, grow, improve and fix the game of lacrosse. But, I’m also a believer in the old saying in life:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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